Canaries Cruise-Tenerife


This is the view from one of the high spots on the island of Tenerife



Thankfully the wind was blowing the clouds along at a fair lick so we did get to admire the vista!


The roads in this part of the island were very narrow and this made the coach trip from the ship very interesting……   especially when you met another bus coming the other way!


Our trip took us to the Playa del Roque de las Bodegas…………..


Which was a small village with a small beach and a few shops and restaurants…………….


We stopped and quality controlled the local cheese and wine along with some freshly baked bread, which was delicious.  However, I’m not sure if the long drive was worth the effort in this case!


On the way back to the ship we made a brief stop at the tiny village of Taganana.

Until 1968, villagers lived their daily lives all but a world away from the capital and the rest of the island. The locals survived on agriculture throughout their history, beginning with sugar canes planted by the Spanish conquerors. Later on, grapevines were added to the hamlet’s main produce.

Before the construction of other roads, only the Las Vueltas road linked Taganana to the island’s main highway.  The path has so many twists and turns that it’s said there’s a bend for every day of the year.  Even so, it only took a matter of years before more and more visitors became attracted to this once hidden wonder.


After a morning travelling the long and (very) winding road we settled down to an afternoon of reading our books by the pool!

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