Ian & Jane Meet Liz & Phil (Almost!)


It had been years since either of us had visited Windsor Castle, so with a break in the torrential rain forecast we headed up the M3 to visit the Queen.


We tried to ask this chap here with the large black hat, if Liz and Phil were in, but he was very noncommittal! I suppose if I was stood around all day balancing a large black hat on my head then I wouldn’t be that chuffed!


After all the rain we had been having over the last few weeks, it was great to get out in the fresh air and to enjoy an almost blue sky.  We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy the castle without too many other people around so there was very little queuing to be done, which is great for me!


I will definitely have to polish my shoes a bit better if I am going to compete with the guardsmen!

The iconic Round Tower, which apparently has 200 steps to take you to top, has a height of 65.5 metres.  From here you get a great view of the historic Windsor parkland, the Thames Valley and the full extent of the Castle.  I say “apparently” as we seem to have missed this aspect of the castle and had to make do with the views from much lower down!


This is the Upper Ward, to the right are the Visitor’s apartments, in the middle of the photo are the Private Apartments, and the archway on the left hand side leads to the State Apartments.


Jane is checking out the gardens in the moat of the Round Tower getting ideas for the new house……..ideas well above our station!

It’s amazing how fast four grenadier guards can march when it’s lunch time!


A view from the castle down to the town, with St George’s Chapel on the right. A certain Harry and Megan were married here last year………..and we didn’t get that invite either!


Just across the river Thames from Windsor,  is Eton.  Jane was very interested in going there to see all the school boys dressed in their finery, and I was interested in visiting the place where one of the world’s finest creamy desserts was born.  We were both disappointed!

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1 Response to Ian & Jane Meet Liz & Phil (Almost!)

  1. Tony Payne says:

    I can remember visiting Windosr Castle on a school trip in the 60’s and loved it, but other than driving through Windsor several times in the 80’s, I haven’t been back. Must add it to my list.
    Fab photos, and probably a good time of year to visit as it’s not heaving with tourists.

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