1 Diana Drive


When we started doing all our travelling, there was always the outside possibility that my dad  might be able to sell his field for building, and if that happened then we might be lucky enough to be able to build a house in his back garden.


And the fantastic news was that both these things came to pass, and we were to be able to start building a house each, one for all dad’s boys!


This was the view from the  bedroom window where we stayed at dad’s between our trips abroad in the caravan.


It was fascinating watching the construction take place.  Some days an awful lot was achieved……….


Whilst on other days the weather was totally against any progress and we just had to sit looking out of the window and dream!


When Jane took over the job as site foreman the work rate increased dramatically !


And we were soon up to the second floor.


And then not too long after we had a roof……


And now here we are, almost finished, they are just putting the final touches to the road surface and then we should be able to drive home unimpeded!

1 Diana Drive, named in memory of my mum who sadly is no longer around to see how fortunate her 3 boys have been!

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  1. Tony Payne says:

    Very nice. I think you could fit our place in there twice!

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