Keeping in Touch


I  wish I had invested some money in  Zoom shares at the beginning of the year. Who would have thought in January that the only way to see your friends and family was online! It was great to be able to keep in touch with your mates from the comfort of your own home.


Going online at breakfast time was also a useful way of waking my brain up in the morning.  Andy, a friend of mine from the David Lloyd club, set up a regular daily crossword  meeting with some other club members and we were able to pit our wits and try to set a record time every morning………I think our best time so far is just over 6 minutes! The pork pie behind Andy is there to help me focus!

The use of these live get togethers online has had a great many benefits for many people.  My dad suffers from Alzeimer’s and you can see his spirits visibly lift when he starts his internet singing group!


It’s not just dad that gets to feel these benefits, both Jane and I get a lot of enjoyment from joining in with all the old favourites, and also to see the smile on dad’s face!


I actually think that singing is the thing that gives dad the most pleasure these days…………


Recognisable songs are a connection to his past that he never seems to forget………….


Dad was very pleasantly surprised when a group of friends from the Baddesley Balladers called by for some socially distanced singing. He really enjoys the social aspect and it’s great to see him take part  and to be amongst old friends.


Talking of dad’s old friends, the guy with the mike is Ray Godwin, one of dad’s mates from school, it was he who arranged this little get together. Thanks Ray, not only for this, but for all your help and advice throughout this difficult time for dad and for us!

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