Lockdown Garden



We had a week after our arrival back home from Spain before the UK went in to lockdown. We used that time wisely, getting soil into our raised beds and planning the garden. This was going to be an April project but as it looked like we might be stuck at home for a long while we made sure that we had enough projects on the go to keep us amused!

The photo above shows the very early stages of the border at the back of the house, mid March I think……


This is that border in mid June. Jane has done all the creative work and I have been employed (on a temporary basis) as a labourer!


This is the side of the garden in mid March………..


And this is it in mid June……………..


The corner of the garden mid March


And again in mid June………






Time to enjoy the recently renovated garden furniture (there will be another blog about my attempts at DIY!)


For any serious DIY tasks like putting up a sail it’s handy to have my brother Gary and his mate Paul take control.  I think they have done a cracking job (after quite a bit of faffing around!)


But now we have a great place to sit and enjoy Jane’s homemade cakes………….


For those moments when we are allowed a socially distanced get together with friends, Rosie brought everything with her……….even some loo roll to wipe her hands!







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  1. Tony Payne says:

    Looks really nice Ian. Pleased you are doing ok.

    Liked by 1 person

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