Lockdown DIY


Before lockdown my vast toolkit consisted of a hammer, a saw and various screwdrivers.  I have now added to that impressive list with the addition of, not one, but two different types of electric sander.


This project was to keep me quiet for many weeks  It’s amazing how much dust comes off one set of garden furniture…………..


So much so that after phase one of my DIY I had to completely clean out the garage and wipe off my forlorn golf clubs which were propped in a corner looking all unloved !


I started this project full of enthusiasm, but as the days passed I started to be more concerned about what was happing in the boxed sets that I was watching on the television. I got a second wind and finally finished the sanding down just in time for……….B&Q to open!


It was quite exciting for another type of shop to be open. I didn’t even mind the queueing, the weather was good and all I needed was a few bottles of teak oil to finish off my project!



So here it is in its full glory, my lockdown DIY project. I feel rather chuffed that I have managed to save a table and chairs that were looking really quite ropey, and we now have something for our guests to sit around when we are finally allowed to entertain again!


On our second trip to B&Q the queues weren’t  quite as long, but we still had to wait outside and this time it was raining!

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  1. Tony Payne says:

    The garden furniture has come up nicely, good job. I never used to have a lot of tools, and I still haven’t got a power saw, sander or decent drill, but I have over the last few years invested in a number of good tools for the garden. It’s been a real bonus working for a tool company as I can not only get them cheaper, I can get refurbished tools as well.
    This year I invested in a pressure washer, which has been a great bonus. Usually I borrow one over Easter, but realising that the offices would be closed down I purchased one and it means I can now wash the paving down any time I need to not just once a year.
    Last year I invested in a blower/vacuum and an electric hedge trimmer, both of which have already paid for themselves.
    Went to B&Q last week, but the one-way system was really confusing and made the store worse than Hampton Court Maze to navigate.
    Good to see you blogging again. I need to add some more posts on my blog, but have been busy on my jokes site instead, over 2,000 posts now!

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