Hair Cut


“Looks like you’ve dragged through a hedge backwards” was the comment Jane made 10 weeks into lockdown.  I thought the wild look was fairly becoming but apparently not, so something had to be done………Gary mentioned that he had a set of clippers and that if I was feeling brave he would have a go. So with nothing to lose apart from my hair and dignity, and with  no hairdressers appointments in sight, I thought I would give it a go………


Jane said she didn’t want any blood on the kitchen floor so we went alfresco, well outside at least!


I think he did good job, although I think he might have taken a little too much off the front…… it makes it look like my hair is receding!


When dad found out the price Gary was charging he said “I’ll have some of that” and had his done as well.  Funny thing was that Jane was very reluctant to have hers don, saying she was quite prepared to wait until Christmas, if needed, for an appointment with her favourite stylist to become available.


I’ve made another appointment with Chez Gary tomorrow morning for a trim, it’s not quite so bad this time, just a bit wispy!

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2 Responses to Hair Cut

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Good cut! I have been doing my own for more than 5 years, it’s amazing what you can do with pair of clippers. I got fed up with having to go into the barbers earlier and earlier on a Saturday morning to avoid having to sit there for an hour in the queue. It’s even better al fresco, I have done mine in the back garden a few times.

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  2. Gary says:

    No sign of my fee yet

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