The South West Coast Path

The South West Coast Path

It wasn’t that long ago that we were all walking a few sections of the south west coast path.  When I say ‘we’ it was the normal caravanning gang of Kev, Val, Jane and myself. We have set ourselves the target of walking the whole 630 miles over the next few years and as foreign travel seems to be on hold at least for the moment hopefully we will be able to get a few more miles under our belts………as long as we don’t have anymore lockdowns!

I am writing this blog whilst looking out of my study window at the rain lashing down on my recently polished car. I have just spent most of the day giving the motor a good clean and polish. Our household is in isolation after my dad was tested positive for COVID and hospitalised, and the 3 of us all then tested positive, so a good way for me to get some fresh air is to get a few outdoor jobs knocked off the list!

We were so lucky with the weather, it was less than a month ago and the sun was shining and shorts and t-shirts were definitely the order of the day!

Along with the stunning views and the good company, we were able to find a few geocaches. Val and Jane were very grateful for the moments when we were searching for a tupperware container amongst the rocks and heather as it gave them chance to catch their breath after climbing the steep hills.

You are totally spoilt for choice when looking for a spot to photograph whilst walking the coast path.  However, Jane did have to ask me to hold my stomach in, so that she could get more of the view on the photograph!

Of course keep-fit Kev didn’t have to hold his gut in…………during lockdown he was out walking 5 miles a day and he was definitely a lot slimmer than last time we met!

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3 Responses to The South West Coast Path

  1. John C says:

    Greeting Ian and Jane
    Remember us. We met in Princess Dianas pizzeria in London a couple years ago. For some reason you guys came into my thoughts tonight and wondered how you have been? Still traveling? Hope you are staying healthy. I am glad we got the Great Britain trip in when did as not sure how much they are going to shut down international traveling. Got a trip planned to Florida in a couple weeks and then I read that Biden is trying to shut Florida down from anyone entering and anyone leaving. My friends here in Omaha that came to America after escaping communist Poland see some similarities. America is a different place than 2 years ago. So far no covid in my family. Let us know if you make it over here. Take care.

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    • Hi John
      Great to hear from you. We are both well although we did have COVID which laid us a little low for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately my dad caught COVID and passed away after a 3 week battle……the virus went through our family like a dose of salts with all my brothers catching it (whilst caring for dad) and then passing it on to our families!
      Like you we are not allowed to travel except to the supermarket and to take exercise, I have been walking 6 miles from home every day for the last few months!
      We should be in Australia now but this virus has stopped that!
      We have a couple of cruises booked, 1 in August to Norway and Iceland and another next January to the Amazon and Caribbean we have our fingers crossed for those!
      We are hoping to do a few road trips to the States when we can,Yellowstone park is one and the Smoky Mountains is another, I know you liked Trump but we feel it will be a lot safer now that he is not around especially after the storming of congress !
      If we do come over it would be great to catch up (I know America is a big place but we can plan!)
      Ian and Jane


  2. John says:

    Sorry to hear about your dad.
    If you have the chance you can tune into the College World Series baseball tourney happening in our town this week and see some shots of our area. Yellowstone and Smokey Mtns are beautiful places. Some friends of ours just lirchasdd an Airbnb in the Smokey Mtns area which is usually booked. So that area gets a lot of people visiting it. Our next trip will be to Colorado to visit our daughter son in law and their 3 new foster kids😉

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