Next Stop Fort William

There are a lot of waterfalls in Scotland and you would think after you had seen a few you might get a little bored of walking to find another one, but not so for me. I found them thoroughly relaxing and almost hypnotic !

I have had quite a few derogatory comments about this picture, mainly to do with the apparent hiding of a cushion just above my waist…….all I can say is that it’s a trick of the light which has been accentuated by the ruck sack straps……..

The drive from Loch Lomond to Fort William took us through Glen Coe and was stunning. It was a shame that it was a bit overcast but this was the weather that we had expected up in Scotland, and any sunshine would be a bonus!

Thank goodness that there were some big car parks en route where you could stop and take in the view……..and maybe partake in a haggis burger from the burger van, served by a man in a kilt!

Mind you it’s best not to leave your van unattended for too long as you just never know what might happen!

It certainly wasn’t too much of a chore towing along scenic roads like these, although I’m not sure that the lorry drivers behind me would have agreed!

This is the Glenfinnan viaduct close to the shores of Loch Shiel, and I’m sure most of you will recognise it from the Harry Potter films. We were lucky enough to time our visit to see one of the twice-daily steam trains from Fort William crossing the viaduct. This time the Hogwarts Express was without a flying Ford Anglia anywhere to be seen!

We took this opportunity to do our first “hike in the hills”, well little more than a short stroll actually but quite taxing on the calves with all the ups and downs!

We still had enough energy to walk alongside Loch Linnhe to find the Corpach Shipwreck and in the distance admire the majesty of Ben Nevis…… day I’m going to plan an attempt on the summit of that awe-inspiring mountain!

This old fishing vessel, the MV Dayspring was marooned here in 2011 when a heavy storm caused a chain to fail and she ran aground and has been here ever since. It’s been a magnet for local photographers ever since. It doesn’t appear in many guide books and it was only a tip from a local that led us here!

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