From Skye on the west coast to Fortrose on the east coast. Our next campsite was less than a stone’s throw from the shores of the Moray Firth………….

The views were stunning, and yet again the weather was very kind to us………

When booking in to our campsite I noticed a chalkboard sign hanging next to the door. The owner mentioned that every day on the rising tide there was a chance that you might see dolphins at Chanonry Point which was only a short walk away. When we arrived there, I was amazed at how many other people had also come down to hopefully get a glimpse of a dolphin or two ……..

The first nights’ viewing was unsuccessful, all we got to see was a few fins swimming past, but the next evening our luck was in. It was just like they were putting on a show for us! I took so many failed photos on my phone, always a fraction too late, …… but I did manage to capture this shot which I’m very pleased with considering it was on an I-phone!

There was a German T.V film crew there making a documentary, and they had been there for weeks so they knew where to look as the tide was changing. We took our lead from them………although I did employ a couple of expert dolphin spotters myself !

A short walk from our campsite was Fortrose and Rosemarkie golf club and it was alongside here that we took our nightly stroll to Chanonry Point, I wish I had brought my clubs with me, it is one of the oldest clubs in the world and looked beautiful……still there is always next time!

Chanonry Lighthouse as the sun is setting.

A Highland cow……. a very hardy breed, well it would have to be up here as it gets bloody cold in the winter and some parts of the summer as well!

Just across the other side of Rosemarkie Bay was the site of the battle of Culloden.This was the final confrontation of the Jacobite uprising. This took place on 16 April 1746 and Culloden was the last pitched battle on British soil, in less than an hour, around 1,300 men were slain – about 1,250 of them Jacobites.

The further North we ventured the later it took to get dark, the sun is setting here at about 10.45 pm!

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