So, the last time we attempted this trip we only got as far as Santander. This was due to the Spanish Government announcing whilst we were on the ferry that Spain was going into lockdown and all campsites would be closed immediately. We had been regularly checking government websites and this was not what we were expecting! We had to spend two nights in a supermarket car park before returning back to the UK on the next available ferry!

At last, we are going abroad again in our caravan.

With car and caravan safely on board it was time to explore Brittany Ferries’ newest ship, the Galicia. The ship was modern and spacious and we had a very comfortable cabin. As we didn’t sail until 10.30 pm we thought that a quick explore and a nightcap or two was in order before bed.

The crossing was very smooth, the sun shone, the Bay of Biscay behaved itself and we got some nice views of the French coastline .

At last we are back in Spain!

This time we have a new van, a Bailey Cordoba, which is slightly longer than our previous one and has a  least a couple of advantages over our Cadiz. The first is that we now have a full size fridge freezer (ideal for storing up all the local chilled delicacies) and the second, and best advantage as far as I’m concerned, is that we now have long enough sofas so that I can fully lay out to watch T.V!

It is, as I say, nearly a metre longer than our last van, and there is no problem towing along most roads, but it is a bit more tricky getting in to some of the tighter campsites!

We made good time, and after pitching up took a quick trip to the local supermarket to stock up. (Brexit means we can’t bring half the stuff we used to…. no milk and not even pork pies!) After that I still had time to cycle alongside the river into the old town.  

As soon as I was back from my cycle ride, and my bike was secured on top of the car again, it was time for my first G&T of the holiday!

The next day the weather looked a little bit iffy, but we still thought we would cycle back into the old town and explore, and also have some lunchtime tapas with a glass of wine. The weather was kind to us and we managed to dodge the showers and ended up in the Plaza Mayor just as the sun was making an appearance.

Salamanca is a lovely old city with plenty of little lanes and alleyways to explore. We were there on a Sunday and the place was very busy with people coming and going to church, socialising and meeting up for lunch.

When we returned to the van we found that we had an unannounced Spanish visitor!

Next stop Seville, even with the large aerial on top of the caravan we still couldn’t get radio 2!

The campsite just outside of Seville was lovely ………….but very tight and with very small pitches. It was quite nerve-wracking and tiring, especially after a 6 hour drive, to get set up for the night!

Next stop Pinar San Jose………The traffic leaving Seville was very busy, not so much a traffic jam but more of a marmalade…..boom boom!!

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5 Responses to AT LAST…….SPAIN AGAIN!

  1. Steve Pullen says:

    At least the supermarket shelves look well stocked unlike those in the UK (thank you Brexit!).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. John and Cindy says:

    When are you coming over to the States? I have 4 camper sites on our acreage with neautiful views


    • Hi you two
      We are coming over to the States a few times next year…. We are on a cruise in February which stops at New Orleans, Key West, Miami and Port Canaveral.
      In October we are taking a cruise which starts in San Diego and goes to the Hawaiian islands and the South Pacific……these were all booked a long time ago and due to covid are all now happening in the same year!
      So our road trip will have to wait!


  3. John C says:

    Ok have fun. Let us know when you want to see America and we will reserve a spot on our acreage for you. Email is:
    Send your email and I will send some photos


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