Geocaching Out and About Zahora

As we are now staying at the same campsite for the best part of 5 weeks we are afforded the luxury of time. Time to really explore the local area and not just visit the main attractions. We could just cycle or walk from the campsite and see what’s just around the corner.

I have mentioned before that Geocaching has taken me to places I wouldn’t have necessarily visited just by looking at a map, and this has proved right for me again this trip. This view of Cape Trafalgar was taken a few feet away from a cache. I’m glad that I attempted this one on my own as the hill was very steep and I think Jane would have had something to say about it even with her electric bike!

The next cache we went searching for together was 2 miles down this lovely wooden boardwalk on a peninsula near the town of San Fernando……..Jane was interested in the shopping mall (she got a lovely denim jacket)……..

And I was more interested in visiting the deserted fort looking for the cache…….so it was a win win for both of us…….and I got a T-shirt!

The next chance to find a cache was whilst we were visiting Tarifa, but first things first, time for some more locally caught tuna for us both……and a glass of wine for Jane!

Tarifa is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. This is Spain’s closest point to Africa and on a clear day like we had you can see Morroco!

Tarifa is famed for it windy conditions and it was very entertaining to sit and watch all the kite surfers hard at play!

This monument was erected in 2019 to mark where 3 major European walking routes converge at the most southerly point in Europe………after further inspection I don’t think I will be starting any of them soon!

We drove through the sand dunes to get a better view of all the action out on the water…..this picture doesn’t really do it justice… was amazing to watch!

If you wondered where all the old anchors went when they retired….. its here, very close to another cache, one that we didn’t find……I’ll have to get Mr Heard to fly over and give me a hand!

At another searching spot Jane took the opportunity to catch a few rays whilst shouting to me to be careful as I clambered over the rocks………

And as per usual after a hard day out and about, it’s time for me to get on and prepare the evening meal…..yeah right says Jane!

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4 Responses to Geocaching Out and About Zahora

  1. JULIAN BOYERS says:

    So you can get ferry across to Tangier town from Tarifa if you run out of things to do and takes just over 1 hour. Check though if its still operating with Covid restrictions!!
    Best, Julian.


  2. Hi Julian
    We looked at popping over to Gibraltar to top up with a few groceries….well Gin mainly but that seems too difficult just for a few hours. Jane is just about to book trip to see the white horses at Jerez followed by a visit to the Tio Pepe sherry factory so expect a slightly slurred version of the blog next week!


  3. John and Cindy says:

    Hllo Ian and Jane
    Howdy from Omaha Nebraska. Cindy and I were sitting here and you guys came to mind. Looks like you are back on the road again. Happy travels! Nice photos


  4. Roy & Val says:

    Hey you two, enjoyed catching up, we stopped at Tarifa on a very busy area filled with odd bods and ramshackle outfits either outward or inbound to Morocco. I remember seeing the yard of anchors it was opposite a hotel with a pool on the roof which had glass side walls overlooking the shipyard!

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