Halloween at the Campsite

Every region and town in Spain has a local holiday on the day of it’s patron saint. November 1st is the day of all the Saints (Fiesta de Todos los Santos) and this is a public holiday for the whole country.

Halloween obviously falls the day before and so the Spanish make the most of this public holiday……and party……BIG TIME!!!!!

Our quiet campsite was probably only about 10% full before the weekend, but as we returned from a day out we were slightly concerned at the long queues of caravans and motorhomes waiting to get in………

Not only was every available pitch taken but even all the little bungalows had a car parked outside and as decorations were appearing on the outside walls………….the beers were being opened……

Likewise with the caravans…………Thank goodness I seem to be sleeping well down here, probably a combination of fresh air and large G&Ts ………… Jane tells me the partying went well on into the night…..about 3am she says…..but I was oblivious to it on all 3 nights, the only thing that did disturb me slightly was when Jane turned the light on at about 2.30 ish so she could read her book!

A grumpy sleep deprived Jane didn’t really appreciate how cute the little kids looked………

Or even how menacing some of the older ones were…….

The only 2 things that did raise a smile were when this dog dressed up as a spider walked by, and on Tuesday morning when they had all gone home and a degree of normality had returned!

It’s probably just as well that when I was a kid Halloween only existed on Scooby Doo and other American T.V programmes, otherwise I’m sure I would have over-indulged on sweets…..much like I occasionally do now on Pork Pies!

Look out here they come again………..

At least the Bank Holiday Monday reminds us of home!

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