Another Busy Day or Two…..

These days when I wake up early I don’t have the hassle of having to drive in to Southampton and open up the shop….now I’m lucky enough to be able to do or go wherever the fancy takes me, and when you are this close to a beautiful long deserted beach you just have to make the most of it!

This particular morning it was my great pleasure to catch half a dozen horses going at full gallup along the surfs edge! In this photo the horses are just about visible, but by the time I got my phone ready all that was left were the hoof prints in the sand!

We have taken a few trips slightly further afield to explore some more of the Pueblos Blancos (white villages) of Andalusia. The village above is Arcos de la Frontera which we visited on a bright but slightly chilly day

It’s amazing to think that the picture on the left shows one of the main roads of the village. Thank goodness we parked outside and walked up, even though it was quite hard work!

We visited Medina Sidonia on a grey rather chilly day so we didn’t see it at its best…..mind you the tapas was rather nice even if we did get a bit wet whilst eating it!

The starting point of one of our walks along the cliff tops of Barbate was the little village of Los Caños de Meca, and we walked along the beach watching the surfers preparing for their day’s enjoyment. I was going to try belly boarding but Jane didn’t seem to think there would be a board big enough for my belly!

The walk up to the cliffs was challenging but well worth the effort once you got there, I think the trees looked like big bunches of broccoli…just saying!

After a long walk and carrying a rucksack full of Jane’s food and her various layers of clothing……….

Its time for a little light refreshment……with a view…….

This guy was out fishing when we started our walk and was still hard at it some 3 hours later!

After all the previous day’s hard exertions, the next afternoon we decided to go down to the beach and read our books. Whilst we were there this chap came riding past on a white horse, he was having terrible problems making it continue with their journey as every time a wave came in the poor horse stopped!

So at the end of another hard day reading and sitting on the beach watching white horses, it was time to visit the local bar and watch the sun slip slowly into the sea…….

Catching a glimpse of the Trafalgar Lighthouse hard at work………….

…. before seeing what Netflix has to offer!

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