Sherry Sherry Baby……


The last time we were in this area we didn’t get chance to see a couple of their world renowned attractions. The first thing we booked up on our return this time was a trip to the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art to see the famous dancing horses.

We weren’t disappointed ……

The venue was stunning and such a beautiful place to showcase the skills of these horses and their trainers!

The arena was less than half full so we managed to get a seat with a good view………this photo reminds me of a children’s T.V series in the 60’s but I can’t quite remember the name…..I’m sure it had a very catchy theme tune though!

After the show we drove in to the centre of Jerez for a spot of lunch and to find where our tour of the Gonzalas Byass bodegas started……..

We found a convenient underground car park in the centre of the old town and when you emerged from the subterranean parking you were treated with some stunning buildings ………….

And luckily enough there was a sign on the wall which pointed us in the right direction…………..

Not far now………we walked through these gates only to be told that the visitors entrance is around the corner……….

Once inside we had a very knowledgeable English-speaking guide who took us through the many bodegas…………

And through what were once the streets of Jerez……….

But have now long since been taken over by the Gonzalez Byass company. The vines cover the streets keeping it nice and cool in the summer.

The old tasting/quality control room has been left just as Jane left it 10 minutes before!

There is a room full of casks that have been signed by the rich and famous over the years…..Bobby Charlton, The Duke of Edinburgh and Orson Well just to name a diverse few!

Mice are aplenty down here, and this little ladder has been placed by the side of a sherry glass so that they can get a little taster before they go to bed! A selection of photos on the wall show where the mice have actually used this ladder, but unfortunately none came out to pose for me!

“Well that concludes the tour”, said the guide, “follow me to the bar and we will see about getting you a taste”, and what sounded like a stampede overtook me to get to their seats first!

So in the end we got to taste the product. I was driving so I only took a little sip out of each of the 4 varieties that they served for us. That left Jane had to finish off nearly 8 glasses………….. !!!

And she wouldn’t pose for a photo afterwards so I have reenacted one for you for dramatic effect!

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3 Responses to Sherry Sherry Baby……

  1. JULIAN BOYERS says:

    Now get up to Seville and get your oranges…..probably out of season and the ones that fall off in the streets belong to the church!!

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  2. Roy & Val says:

    No tour for us on visiting Tio Pepe, we went through the office entrance and were stopped, they sent for security and we had a whistle stop tour through the barrels “ no photos please” However the shop was open and we stocked up.

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