Caribbean Cruise 2022

(We are back home now and have access to good, fast, free WI-FI, so this is being written retrospectively)


Days 1 and 2


We still had one more test to pass and then we would be on our way to Barbados.  We had already taken a PCR test the day before at Eastleigh football ground as this was required for Barbados immigration, and now it was time for the P&O lateral flow test so we could  “ bubble up” to catch the flight and then board the Azura. 

We passed, we were good to go….. the holiday could begin!

The flight was only 8 1/2 hours but the difference in the weather was huge, we left a cold grey rainy Gatwick and arrived in to a very warm Barbados. 

As we had already done all the customs and Covid checks at Gatwick we were able to get straight off the plane and right onto the bus that was waiting on the runway, and then drive directly to the ship. 

The drive from the ship was an experience……. and not necessarily one I’d like to repeat…….very loud  reggae music, no air conditioning, and no suspension (I must be getting old!)

We had the next day in Barbados, enough time to get over the jet-lag, have a look around and pop into Woolworths to get some tonic for my duty-free gin !

I’m not sure it’s the best way to start a cruise……with a tight T-shirt! Maybe I should listen to Jane a bit more and eat a fraction less!

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  1. Cherryl says:

    That balcony shot! 😄👌

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