St Kitts.

Day 4

St Kitts Rainforest discovery 

Our transportation for today was another truck with bench seats, this one however was a little more luxurious as it had seat belts which were really needed just to keep you from sliding all over the place!

We had a great guide who was not only knowledgeable but great fun too. 

The ship berthed at a purpose built cruise terminal so there were plenty of shops and bars with free wi-fi, so I took full advantage of the bars and wi-fi and Jane had a good look around the shops!

Our tour to the rainforest started at the ruins of the Wingfield sugar plantation.

The gardens were full of colour and they certainly were a welcome change from the dreary grey that we had left behind only a few days before!

We saw a demonstration of “Batik” fabric printing, which produces the most vibrantly coloured fabrics and takes a great deal of time. Consequently the fabrics were very expensive, so it was just as well that our luggage allowance for the plane back wouldn’t allow us to buy any to take home!!

An example of the local “Batik” fabric printing, I think it’s of some chap called Bob Marley, I’m not sure if you have ever heard of him?

This little fellow was keeping his eye on what was going on around him…….too many people about!

After our look around the old plantation house and gardens we then headed on in to the rain forest. Our guide pointed out many different trees, birds and animals along the way. I didn’t manage to get any photos of the monkeys or the humming birds as they moved too quickly but I did get a few shots of the trees as they were a little slower. Jane was the first to see a monkey and at first I wasn’t sure that she had, “Then I saw here face and now I’m a believer”!

We had to cross many raging rivers on our tour, sometimes swinging on vines and other times fording across waist deep as the water cascaded around us!

I saw this tree but funnily enough I decided not to enquire any further!

This was our mode of transport on the day, the journey back to the ship was more fun and carefree than the trip here as we had sampled a whole bottle of the local rum that was made here on the plantation, mixed with a little fruit punch!!

We stopped at another bar on the way back to the ship just to try one more of those rum punches……they are the main reason that these blogs are getting to you now, way way way after the event!

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