Dominican Republic

Amber Cove

As already mentioned in a previous bog, as soon as most people get of the ship the first thing they do is look for a bar or cafe with free Wi-Fi. Some stay there all day, but I don’t have the right constitution for drinking all day long, although I have tried on many occasions but always failed dismally!

Today we were at Amber Cove which is a purpose-built cruise terminal in the Dominican Republic. It’s a bit like Disneyland without Mickey Mouse but with more clothes and souvenir shops!

I thought Jane might have looked a little bit happier than this at the prospect of a bit more shopping!

We had booked a tour from the ship entitled Puerto plata and the beach. 

Our first stop was Puerto Plata and this was an interesting place with a history going back to Christopher Columbus, but despite all that it was the dancing donkey that I liked the best!

Feed the birds tuppence a bag…….well 2 pesos actually!

It’s hot work being a tourist, and fresh coconut milk really quenches the thirst. What do you think of the shirt…may be a little too subtle?

The beach was to be the final stop on our tour today.

A meal was served  as soon as we got there and then it was time for a swim……..not too sure if they got that the right way round!

It was very windy and with the waves crashing on the shore it was ideal for kite surfing, but a little more difficult for a swim. 

Mind you it was great fun and very refreshing. Then it was time for a lay down on a sun bed and a chance to get lightly roasted. With the wind and the sun it was a little like being in a convection oven. I’m writing this on the way back to the ship in an air-conditioned coach and I can sure feel like I’ve overdone it today!

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