26th September 2022

Another day, another national park. Today we were to visit Kings Canyon. This park, as its name suggests, is one that you drive down into, and it has only one way in and one way out. So, anything you missed on the way down you get to see on the way back up!

We drove past more evidence of the recent forest fires, and if you look carefully at this photo you can see one that hasn’t yet been put out!

Before we descended into the canyon we stopped to see the General Grant tree, and on the walk down we passed these two trees that had both seen better days. The picture on the left is Chimney tree and again, as the name suggests, you can get inside and take a photo looking straight up…. like a chimney! The tree on the right is one of the many smaller trees that have fallen over and been left to decay naturally.

The General Grant Tree, the world’s second largest tree, was once thought to be over 2,000 years old. Now though, they have estimated that it is only a mere 1,650 years old!

Jane with a bear behind!

On our way down to the canyon floor, I don’t know why I look so serious, but I think maybe Jane had told me that she had just finished the last of the crisps (or chips if you are reading this in America)!

Although this park was only about an hours’ drive away from the Sequoia park the landscape was vastly different. It was so barren here!

The size of this park is immense and it certainly makes one feel so small and insignificant!

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