After all the driving on the other Hawaiian islands we decided that while we were in Kona we would just take it easy and have a stroll along the sea front. Jane also said that if she saw any shops it might be a good idea to go in and investigate what they had to sell…………….

The good thing about Jane doing a bit of shopping is that I could sit outside and admire the view……we came back to this spot to do a bit of snorkelling later in the day…….

It was very hot walking along the front so when I saw this sprinkler I took the opportunity of a quick cool down!

We saw this truck outside one of the shops……….we both wondered if we could ever climb into it without a ladder ……

The only good thing about walking by all these shops was that there were a few bars………..

And this one had a good view and made some good, strong cocktails…………

So good that when we got back to the ship and carried on dancing Kev didn’t realise that Val had sat down 10 minutes earlier!

After all the hectic activities of the previous day the next day was spent just chilling!

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