Bora Bora

Swimming With Sharks!

2nd November 2022

Our trip today on Bora Bora was titled “A Land & Sea Combo” so I knew we were going to do a bit of snorkelling and that we would be having a meal on a beach followed by a 4×4 tour of the island……..what I didn’t realise was that I would end up swimming with sharks…………..

The weather wasn’t looking promising again today. This wasn’t what we signed up for, another day of dodging rain showers!

It seemed very strange to be in the middle of the Pacific and to come across a mini France, there was even a queue outside the local supermarket early in the morning as people picked up their baguettes!

I can’t understand why Jane asked me to take these pictures, It looks like the chap in the middle has forgotten to put his pants on!

So far so good. Jane was keeping a look out for sharks and whales, and keeping her eye on the weather as she didn’t want to go snorkelling if it was raining!

Well, what an experience! I have to say I was slightly nervous to start with but after we were told several times that these sharks were harmless and after I had waited until everyone else had gotten in, and that that they hadn’t been eaten, and then I joined them. Unfortunately it started raining so Jane didn’t come in, she stayed onboard to ensure the boat was ok!

I used my iPhone with the underwater case to take this short movie clip!

Jane did a good job of making sure that we didn’t lose anyone, and all too soon we were on our way to another diving site!

We got to see a lot more varied and colourful fish and a tour guide blowing bubbles!

There was a bit of excitement when a rare white whale was spotted……and then they realised it was me!

Time for lunch……..and the rain had stopped………what a lovely place for a meal!

Time for Jane to slip in to some dry clothes……..they didn’t stay that way for long!

The smart Canadians had brought ponchos with them……..(something which has now been added to our packing list!)

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