Bahia d’Opunoha, Moorea

3rd November 2022

The sun was just rising as we dropped anchor in the bay. Light cloud cover with a smattering of blue, it looked like we were in for a nice day!

The views from the front of the ship were stunning, we were very much looking forward to exploring the island of Moorea. We had dropped anchor in the middle of the bay so we had to tender ashore………

and when we arrived we were greeted by a lovely young girl giving away flowers

Jane thought that they wouldn’t suit me so she had mine to stick behind her ear!

Here on the left we have a couple of poseurs taking the mickey out of a young girl who was having her photo taken before us like she was on a glamour shoot for a magazine! On the right is George Clooney….heavily disguised !

This is our guide who took us around the island. He was hilarious and not at all politically correct …… tour of our trip!

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