Papeete, Tahiti

5th November 2022

This movie clip sums up our stay in Tahiti!!!!

I thought I would start this edition of the blog with a little video clip taken on our tour of Tahiti, safe to say this was not the weather we were expecting when we booked this cruise all those years ago!

Still we did have a nice time and some lovely wet memories!

We were greeted by the Tahitian youth orchestra (!!) when disembarking the ship……… some lively music to start the day!

The driest place in town was the indoor market so that was our first stop……….

Jane treated herself to a poncho…………..

So I got my jacket back!

What a lovely couple…….

If we had thought about it, bin bag chic would have been a good look and a lot cheaper!

Jane had said she wanted to have some chicken for lunch but couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for!

When we finally did get some food Jane ever so slightly over indulged!

I was slightly dubious about going in to this show but I did manage to get what I wanted……..a packet of crisps to take back onboard (along with all the other contraband I was trying to smuggle back on the ship stuffed up the front of my gilet)!

Funnily enough the driest part of the day was when we visited the water gardens………

I certainly would have loved to see this island in the sunshine as I don’t think we will ever venture this far again…..but who knows?

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