7th November 2022

Fakarava is a 37 mile long atol which is so narrow in parts that you can easily see from one side to the other!

This is the main road that travels along the spine of the island. You can see the dark sky in the distance about to bring us the heavy storms. This place looked like it could be paradise……..if the sun was shining!

The day we visited, the weather was not great for sight seeing as there were occasional very heavy showers, and when I say heavy showers I mean that the raindrops actually hurt when they hit you! The best place to be was in the sea snorkelling!

Or sitting on a swing in the sea!

So you either wore beachware or a poncho (or both)!

Or a snorkel of course!

As I said before, the best place to be was under the water were it was so peaceful and tranquil and you were unaware of all the heavy rain falling above you!

This photo gives you an idea of how heavy the rain could be when you got a sudden heavy squall. The visibility was also greatly reduced when this occurred, so much so that the tenders back to the ship were cancelled on numerous occasions!

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