Nuku Hiva


At last the sun!!!!!!

It was great to see the sunshine again, this is how I thought the South Pacific would be!

We were serenaded when the tender docked………..its a shame I haven’t got it recorded……… was something that would be hard to describe ……..let’s say it wasn’t one of my favourite tunes!

Everything looks so much better when the sun is shining, and these flowers looked stunning!

Jane was amazed that there were so many statues that bore a striking resemblance to me……….I can’t see it myself!

oh……maybe in profile!

We took a stroll along the sea front; there were very few cars……more horses than horsepower!

Our walk was very peaceful and warm, such a change from the previous couple of ports of call!

We paid a visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Taiohae, it was about a mile from the tender port so not too many of the older passengers managed the walk in the heat!

We came across some interesting artefacts along the way, some old and some not so!

A panoramic view of the bay at Taiohae.

Maybe next time I’ll take one of these canoes out for a spin!

It makes a change to be sheltering from the sun and not the rain!

If you want Jane to take a picture of you….you really have to stick to your guns!!!!

Well I’ve had my picture taken in some interesting places…….but this has to be amongst the strangest!

The rain kept off for the sail away party……we had never seen so many people at one of the ship’s do’s…I think it might have been the free drinks!!!

Woe betide anyone that tried to get one of Kev’s selection of drinks!

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  1. Tony Payne says:

    Looks like an amazing place. Envious.

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