Helicopter Airlift at Sea!


The captain made an announcement over the tannoy to say that one of the crew had had an accident and was going to be airlifted off the ship……

As we were so far off shore they were going to have to send two helicopters and two planes so that the helicopters could be refuelled along the way and to ensure there were no other problems………….

This caused a lot of photographic interest amongst the passengers …….. me included!

With a zoom lens I managed to get some interesting shots…..

One helicopter winched up the patient whilst the other watched over the scene ready for action incase of problems……

The bigger planes circled at a distance awaiting the 5 hour return journey, ready to refuel the helicopters!

The captain updated us the next day to say that the member of crew had reached hospital safely and was doing well!

Last evening at sea watching the sun go down and having one final cocktail!

Sunrise in San Diego. Time to disembark the ship and head to Disneyland for the last couple of days of the holiday!

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2 Responses to Helicopter Airlift at Sea!

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Wow that was quite an experience! Interesting the helicopter had US Air Force markings painted over.
    Did you enjoy Disneyland? Been there twice but not for 20 years. It’s quite a place, especially being the original Disney park.

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