Disneyland California

18th November 2022

We spent the last couple of days of our trip visiting Disneyland. Most of you know me by now and that I’m just a big kid. and here I was in my element!

The newest “land” in the park was Star Wars……. Kevin and Val are big fans so that is where we headed first!

Wow…… a couple of REALLY great rides here to start our day!

And just around the corner was something a little more traditional!

Kevin met someone who he felt had the same physique as him……He wished he had put on his tights that matched his T-shirt, then you wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference!

Jane and Val were less than amused with all the posing for photos!

Meanwhile I was hanging on for grim death on one of the more scary rides!

Ahhhh a Disney queue…..this must be something really special………..

It was…….It’s A Small World………..highly recommended……..unless you are over 5 years old!

It was great to be amongst all this fun and to see everyone having a really lovely time!

And plenty of time for the obligatory picture of the girls with a bear behind!

And at the end of each day there were plenty of fireworks and light shows to leave you wanting to come back again another day!

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1 Response to Disneyland California

  1. Larry Bowers says:

    Young Ian .Glad you two are having a great time .. Larry

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