San Antonio-Day 2


Monday 5th February

After our long journey to Santiago yesterday we thought that today we would stay close to the ship and explore San Antonio. We had a later start than usual today and by the time we had walked to the local harbour the fishing boats were in full swing and ready to unload their catch.


As you can see it’s a very busy little port and it was very interesting to see all the day to day bustle going on. The boat in the left of the picture was taking out the locals for a trip around the outside of our ship, it was very unusual to look down and see so many people waving at you whilst you were having dinner!


We walked along the coast to the outskirts of town and the scenery changed a lot. Lots of rocks with the sea crashing over them, great to watch on a day like this.  Whilst walking along the coastal road a fair few of the passing cars gave us a honk of the horn and a wave, at first it was a little disconcerting but it seemed everyone was genuinely pleased to see us. I was pleasantly surprised at the very friendly greetings we received from all the Chileans in all the shops and restaurants, although the service in the department stores was a little on the slow side!


I’ve said before I’m not a great fan of graffiti, and especially in an inappropriate place. However I thought this was rather good!


The fish market was interesting and very aromatic but the best bit was just outside………


The fish mongers tipped buckets of fish heads and other waste in to the sea every so often. This attracted the local seals for a free meal.


Which in turn attracted the attention of the local dogs……..


Which then caused a few amusing moments as the dogs ran into the water barking only to then quickly turn on their heels as soon as the seals barked back!


At every port of call this seems to be the busiest spot. This is the passenger terminal, the place with the free WIFI !

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2 Responses to San Antonio-Day 2

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Looks like a really busy port, lots to see. Loved the pictures of the seals and the dogs, not something you see every day – well unless you live in San Antonio maybe.

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