Here we are in Palm Springs looking up Marilyn Monroe’s skirt. Shocking I know but not a bad way to start the day!

Well when I say start the day, we did have to wait quite a while for a coach-load of Japanese tourists to have their photographs taken in every style and pose imaginable, and in every different combination of groups conceivable!

We stayed in the Vagabond Motor Hotel, not too far from the centre of town. The building has a very 1950s/60s style as has much of Palm Springs.

Palm Springs is very much a “snowbird” destination and people come here from the northern American states and Canada to spend the winter in its dry warm climate.

As with most motels/hotels there is a swimming pool and this is most welcome at the beginning and end of each day……… The bird in the photo on the right (taken by Kev) is of a road runner, I had only seen one of these in a Warner Bros cartoon before, where he always manages to out-smart Wile E. Coyote and had never realised that they actually existed!

I’m not sure if you know but I do enjoy my food, and here I am tucking in to my first prime rib of the holiday whilst being watched by Frank and Sammy!

I have alway been fascinated by old American cars, I think this stems back from when I was a kid watching old Hollywood films and TV series. At the time they were so different from the cars we had at home, but now all their car are much the same as ours with the exception of the big-engined flat bed trucks and some of the huge SUVs.

We passed this car salesroom and I asked if I could pop in and take a few photos. I enjoyed this visit as much as I would have on a trip to Beaulieu motor museum in the New Forest!

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