After 7 sea days aboard our cruise liner the Zuiderdam, which is an Amsterdam America company ship, we were all pleased to get back on dry land and explore Hawaii, “the Big Island”. I have to say, before we booked this trip I didn’t realise how many islands there were that make up the Hawaiian archipelago. There are 8 major islands and 129 smaller atolls and islets. We were going to visit 4 on this trip. This island was home to the Volcanoes National Park and this was where we were headed today.

When we went to pick up the car from the rental company they offered us a Ford Mustang convertible as a free upgrade………so we just had to take it! Kev, who fancies himself as a Tom Selleck lookalike, slipped behind the wheel and put the pedal to the metal………

I’m not sure that this impressed “Thelma and Louise” who were sat in the back! Thankfully Jane, as usual, had brought her hair straighteners and the day was saved….(Jane will kill me for that as it’s not true but I thought it was funny!)

It was exceptionally hot that day and I’m not sure being beside a bubbling volcano really did make it feel hotter but it certainly felt like it!

I have visited Lanzarote and been to see the volcano there. You drive over a lunar landscape and see the devastation that the 2 eruptions caused. These were from 1730 to 1736, and the last one was in 1824 and it lasted for 3 months. This particular volcano is the most active on earth and you can actually see the molten lava and the smoke rising from it.

In daylight the lava looks like a muddy lake but I’m assured that at night time you can see the red glow!

Whilst we were there we were informed that the last eruption was on 29th September 2021 but is has since erupted on 9th December 2022….. this year and we were there exactly 2 months before…..scary!

You can see from this photo the remains of part of the road with the white line on it………

This was that same road, the road we walked down to see the crater. They had stopped cars driving down here so we had a long hot walk to the viewing spot.

In the distance you can see a lava flow from a previous eruption heading to the sea…………

We walked through an extinct lava tube thoughtfully coloured with red lights to give you the effect that you were going to burn your feet!

A very interesting and hot day!

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