Between Benidorm and Alicante

Camping El Jardin..

We arrived at the tightest caravan park in the whole world in the middle of a thunder storm, then things got a little worse, not able to see the road markings due to the amount of water, we went the wrong way around the one way system, and with roadways far narrower than those of cornwall…..we hit a problem, well to be precise a tree, stupid place to put a tree if you ask me! img_2538img_2538

Luckily I wasn’t going too fast and the damage was only superficial and with my DIY skills you wouldn’t know there was a problem !

img_2539As for the tree, I think a saw might be in order !

Today we woke up the sun was shining, and everything looks a lot better, we had a 5 mile walk along the promenade and ham, egg and chips spanish style (the ham was on the top)img_2559

Everything looks better in the sunshine !

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3 Responses to Between Benidorm and Alicante

  1. poddys says:

    Don’t you just love driving on the continent, and I can’t imagine with a caravan on tow down roads narrower than Cornwall! Good job with the repairs though.
    It’s warming up back home, 10 degrees today and a bit lighter in the evenings too.

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  2. Gary Smith says:

    Ham on top of the eggs…. no wonder we’re leaving the EU.

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