Camping Roquetas.

Friday 24th February

We really like this site, there is a lot more space, the wash blocks are bigger and the showers have a faster flow, these things are important!

The surrounding area is far less commercialized than the previous site, and has a far nicer “feel” to it, you can walk along the beach and hardly see anyone.


You can see the BBQ at the front of the caravan, well it has served me well over the years and I have managed to concoct many fantastic feasts on it (modesty has always been one of my strong points)  Today’s tip, for those of you wishing to follow in my footsteps, is when cooking outside, in the dark, after a strong Bacardi and coke, is to ensure that when checking to see why it’s not cooking, that you turn off the gas and wait a while before using the ignition button……… I’m sure that the hair will grow back on my arm and that my hearing will recover…..however it might take a little longer to get over the shock of nearly spilling her wine !


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1 Response to Camping Roquetas.

  1. poddys says:

    Looks lovely, nice when the beach is practically deserted, I bet it’s jam-packed in the summer though and heaving with kids. Careful with the BBQ, you don’t want to end up homeless, or armless, or even wineless 😉

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