El Rocio


Wednesday 22nd March


Walking into El Rocio is like walking on to a western movie set, but these are real homes for the local people, who it seems make a living from training horses.


This stunning cathedral with its elaborate decorations seems totally out of place in this unusual town.


We visited on a Wednesday, and it was very quiet, but we were told that at the weekend this place really comes alive, and it would be difficult to find either a hitching post or a car parking space !


It is very unusual to see the few cars that are there, driving so slowly, its  like they are driving in snow, and again it is very quiet .


If you ventured into the back streets, it had the feeling you were wondering around a ghost town, with just the occasional dog scratching around for food.


Then all of a sudden the local bus would come in to town, not so sure on the laws regarding mobile phones and driving!!!


Another reason for visiting this place is the Parque Nacional de Doñana, and there are plenty of hides from which to view the birds and other wildlife.

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1 Response to El Rocio

  1. poddys says:

    Wow does look pretty Wild West doesn’t it! Some of the townships in the Midwest, also in Australia and New Zealand have that sort of feel as well, but I haven’t seen any quite that good. The photo of the guy on the horse going along the road looked odd with the parked cars there.

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