A Flavour of Seville

Tuesday  21st March

Seville is a big bustling city, but in its heart is a quiet tranquil place where you can find some peace.


We took an open top bus trip first, this lasted an hour and is a great way of getting your bearings.

We decided that after a little light lunch we would take an afternoon stroll through the parks.


It is great to walk through these large open spaces just as spring is about to bloom, the aroma from the honeysuckle and orange blossom was intoxicating. Although we were in the middle of a large working city it was so peaceful all you could hear were birds singing .


Our favourite park was the Parque Maria Luisa, which was the site of the Expo 29, above is a picture of the Plaza de España which was the centrepiece of the exhibition.


We spent most of our time in this area with its avenues of orange trees, elms and Mediterranean pines.


There are many impressive fountains, and as you can see on a Tuesday afternoon there was hardly anyone around.


Which is probably just as well !


The colour of the blossom brightened up an otherwise dullish overcast day.


The carriage driver looks a bit concerned over the pace of his horse and worried he might be causing a traffic jam, or marmalade as they say here in Seville. ( I know i used that on Facebook,  but as you are aware I do like to milk a bad pun!)


You could feed the birds in the park, but it would cost you a lot more than tuppence a bag !


Seville, a great mix of old and new and thoroughly worth a visit .

We will be back.

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2 Responses to A Flavour of Seville

  1. poddys says:

    Yet another spectacular city. Would love to visit. My favourite Spanish singer was born there, Isabel Pantoja.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Louise Campbell Harding says:

    Great photos and comments, can’t believe you only have one more week! Enjoy!


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