Guests for the Weekend


We had the great pleasure of hosting one of my oldest friends Steve and his other half, Sara, for the weekend, staying with us in our caravan in Lisbon.

As requested we had chilled wine ready on arrival, which made them laugh, as Steve said that he was only joking when he said in his email that they were expecting wine and hot towels on arrival!  The underground car park at Lisbon international airport is not necessarily the most salubrious place for a drink, so I drove as steadily as I could back to the campsite. (I must add that this was so that my passengers didn’t spill their drinks, not because I had also been drinking!!!)

We then went into town for a drink and a little bit of tea. The wine, cheese and ham were excellent, so we then decided a meal was next on the agenda. Steve had been told by his daughter Hattie, that the old town was the place to go, so off we set, up another very step hill. We chose a place where they performed the local Fado style singing (an acquired taste, which I don’t think I’ll ever acquire!)  Steve, Sara and Jane wanted to try tapas, but I chose a tuna steak which was fantastic.  The others were so disappointed because they didn’t feel that sliced carrot on bread with an olive was very imaginative! (This was one of several very boring open sandwiches which were loosely being presented as tapas!)


Next day started off a lot better, we tried the local delicacies, warm custard tarts made in the area of Belem, Steve had 3, whilst I only had 1/2 as I’m watching my figure (that might be an alternative fact !)


We also took Steve on a bus, apparently this was the first time since he left school.


Sara had seen the TimeOut market on trip advisor, this is a show place for all the local restaurants and bars and you can try a selection from as many as you want. What a great place for lunch.


So after that,we had a bit of mucking about to do, much to the embarrassment of Jane and Sara!


Steve in a urinal on the way up to the castle!

Comments like “won’t you two ever grow up” were mentioned.

The girls got their own back as they wandered into quite a few shops along the main shopping area.

This did the trick, we started to behave ourselves.

Our next port of call was the Castle, so we strolled up the narrow lanes with all the interesting shops and bars, stopping once to buy a bottle of water.  We got to the castle entrance and Jane went for her Purse………….PANIC, it wasn’t in her handbag, so she and I went straight back to the bar where we bought the water and the three old ladies in there denied that we left it on the counter………..B*****ks. That wiped the smiles off our faces, the one and only time we had taken a large amount of cash out as well, was somebody watching? Who knows, what a horrible feeling!! Looking on the positive side at least no one was hurt.


Still, you have to put these things behind you.

Sunday was another day and the sun was shining and we were not going to let the previous days mishap spoil the weekend.


Lots more to see, do and eat !


And just in case you were worried, Steve did get his “proper ” tapas!

Great weekend!


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1 Response to Guests for the Weekend

  1. David says:

    We are really pleased that you managed to get together with Steve. It sounds like a brilliant and interesting few days. They are never long enough! Love to all xx


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