15th January 2018

Another bright sunny day for our trip around Salvador. The temperature today has been forecast 33c so we must take loads of water with us!


Also make sure we put on our sunscreen and wear a hat!


The bright colours are amazing. Everywhere you look there is something vibrant to see!


Plenty of gift shops selling sarongs, maybe they might suit me?


The local dress hasn’t changed in years, however it does look odd when a mobile phone is in hand!


The houses are bright and colourful but on closer inspection you can see that they are in quite bad repair which adds to an atmosphere of faded elegance.


Jane was being a bit foolish taking her hat off at midday, she likes to live life on the wild side!


He’s got a lovely bunch of coconuts!


Kev was doing his best to look intellectual and gave us all a interesting talk on 17th century tiles!


The historic centre of Salvador.


We were warned to be very careful of pickpockets in the city.


But there was a large police presence which made us all feel safe.


As the heat of the day rose the city became quieter and it was easier to get around.


5pm and we sail out after a lovely visit.


K&V waving an emotional farewell to Salvador

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1 Response to Salvador

  1. Tony Payne says:

    It’s definitely very colourful there, definitely worth a visit if we get to Brazil.

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