The Walking Club

Saturday 9th June 2018


Cow Common, Wherwell

We have walked on this common many times before with the walking club and now we are living so close it is great for a short Saturday afternoon stroll.


It looks like time has stood still here and it could be the scene from a 17th century painting.


At the other end of Cow Common is a long footbridge which runs parallel to a bridleway/ford through the river, quite a sight to see horseback riders splash in to the water (although not on this occasion)!  If you get chance to explore this place it’s well worth the effort and you could easily spend a pleasant couple of hours looking around!


Further on down the road we came across this sea of poppies, this photo doesn’t really do it much justice!


I just like this photo, so not much more to say about it!


Monday 11th June 2018

Jane had an appointment for an MRI scan in Lymington, so as the sun was out we made sure we had time for an hours walk along the coast !


Tuesday 12th June 2018

We had been invited to Jane’s Auntie Pat’s 90th birthday party but it coincided with our trip to France, so we popped in to give her some early birthday cheer! Pat was on very good form and in a very jovial mood, which was great as she laughed at most of my jokes!


Thursday 13th June A.M

I had an early start on the golf course meeting Ken for a quick 18 holes at 7am. The sun was out and Hockley looked terrific, the course is in really good condition at the moment. After a tiring game of golf I often find the best way to relax is to eat a “low calorie” sausage sandwich, which gives me the energy to get in the car to drive home!



That evening I restarted the walking club at David Lloyd. The Hampshire club has been under many different companies over the last 20 years and when Virgin took over a few years ago they didn’t want it to continue. However David Lloyd are keen to see it resurrected and it was great to see so many of our old regulars turn up to join me for a stroll in the woods!


Thursday 14th June

Its good to see Dad feeling a bit fitter and able to enjoy 9 holes of golf!


And after a few hot tips from me he was soon smashing the ball down the fairway…………..


…… much so he took the money!


I like my trips up to play at Royal Winchester as it gives me chance to see my name up on the club house wall……….the one and only time that has ever happened!


Saturday 16th June A.M

Another walking club outing……… must get the hang of these selfies….and must get some posters up around the club!!!!


Saturday P.M

Dads 82nd birthday BBQ

A picture of Dad with his best looking son and Paul and Gary! (More to follow on this.)


Sunday 17th June A.M

Bev and Andy join me for another walk, slightly better on the photo, but David Lloyd definitely need to help me with some advertising !


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1 Response to The Walking Club

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Looks like you have been pretty busy Ian. I like the idea of the walking club, could definitely use some more walking exercise, might have to join in.
    Ours was a busy weekend, and Sunday I just didn’t feel up to hauling myself over to the gym as there was so much that needed doing. Funny though, now I can’t remember what it was. Catch up with you at the weekend hopefully.

    Liked by 1 person

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