Blenheim Palace


Wednesday 21st November

What a difference a couple of days make, here we are back in England and its b****y freezing but you know what, its great to be home to see our family and friends…………. no really it is!


I have to say it wasn’t particularly busy at Blenheim Palace so we virtually had the place to ourselves. It was lovely to explore the extensive grounds in relative peace and quiet.


Did I tell you it was really really cold?


The chilly weather gave Jane the opportunity to pack away her summer wardrobe and get her winter gear out!


Although it was a lot less warm than we were used to it was great to see the sun on its fleeting visits between the clouds!


Apparently this tree has been featured in a Harry Potter film……………


Jane cannot decide who or what has the biggest mouth!


We will have to come back here in the summer when it is warmer (did I tell you how cold it was?) We didn’t get chance to see around the inside of the Palace as it was being prepared for their “Christmas Experience” so maybe we should spend a couple of days here next time.


Blenheim is close to the charming Oxfordshire town of Woodstock, and although we didn’t see any memorabilia from the famous 60’s open air concert it was still a lovely place to wander around and explore before having a warming lunch!

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3 Responses to Blenheim Palace

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Blenheim Palace itself is lovely and well worth a look around. Did you get annual passes with your entry? When we went you could upgrade your ticket at no extra charge for an annual one. The grounds are excellent aren’t they, but the photos show it was bitterly cold. It’s nicer in the summer of course.

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