There are so many beautiful walks to choose from close to our base at Clohars-Carnoët, and today we decided on an estuary walk.


La Laïta is the river that heads to the coast and the resort of Guidel-Plage, and this was where we were headed for our chilled drink before our return journey to the car along the bank of the river


There are so many hidden gems that would be missed from the comfort of the car, and it’s always good when you have made an effort to put on your walking boots and you find places like this!


And when you get to your destination it’s alway special when you are rewarded with a view like this!


Another day another dilemma, this time we chose to visit Quimper which is the ancient capital of Cornouaille (sounds like Cornwall). Although it is a lovely town, I think that it’s the natural beauty I prefer!


The rocky coastline, as well as being stunning to look at, is also great for hiding geocaches……….some were a little more difficult to get to and Jane was a bit concerned when I started climbing up a rock face……


This cache was cleverly hidden by sticking the container to a large stone hidden in a crack in the rock covered by foliage!


I’m glad to see that we are now following France here in the U.K. by having more areas set aside for the cultivation of wild flowers.


Hold on to your hollyhocks!


It’s great to see the wild flowers in their natural habitat but in France they are grown on many many roundabouts and in the verges alongside the road!


Some properties are lucky enough to have commanding views along the rocky coastline.


Even with the help of the map, Kev wasn’t too sure where the sea was!


Glad to say that it wasn’t chilly in Concarneau!


Whilst we were in Concarneau we watched the contestants taking part in a new French game show trying to collect as many mussels as possible in 15 minutes……………it’s called who wants to be a mouleinaire!


Do you ever get the feeling someone is watching you?


I was not expecting this when I ordered the van blanc!


We have travelled down many interesting and beautiful roads whilst we have been travelling in France……the route de Napoleon…..the route Leclerc, but I’m not too sure who this Barree is!

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3 Responses to Guidel

  1. JULIAN BOYERS says:

    Hi Ian, looks like you are having a good time, I,ve been to the area a few times…very nice!
    Maybe you,ve been already but I really like Pont- Aven….not far from Concernau would recommend!! Best, Julian (club)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Tony Payne says:

    It’s a lovely part of the world isn’t it. It’s been the early 90’s since I was in Brittany, must head back, and the Quimper area is one of the finest. I could happily retire out there, well at least in the summer.

    Liked by 1 person

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