Thorpe Park

A Trip to Thorpe Park for Zena’s Birthday



To celebrate Zena’s 12th birthday we took her and her friend Izzy up to Thorpe Park for the day.  We got there early so that we would beat the rush and get on the rides without too much queuing…………..


……….but when we got there and saw some of the rides we started to change our minds…….


But it seemed the more horrific the ride looked, the more the girls wanted to go on it!


Mind you there is a slight look of trepidation on Zena’s face as she is being locked into place on this photo…………


It was entertaining enough for us just to sit down and watch the girls having fun, without the fear of us losing our dignity (and stomachs) in the middle of a triple loop!


But we all managed the really scary queue for the ice creams without too many problems……..


Although some of us didn’t quite manage to find our mouths!


Ah that’s more like it, a ride the oldies can go on without having to close our eyes!


I still had to hold on……..just to make sure!


And for the final ride of the day we really let our hair down, and went on the tea cups!

A good day was had by all, the girls went on loads and loads of rides and we enjoyed them having so much fun!

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3 Responses to Thorpe Park

  1. Tony Payne says:

    Aww chicken! We went to Paulton’s Park last month with my son, wife and 2 grandsons aged 3 and 7. All of us did the big rides, except the big round one that spins way too fast for me. Actually, the roller coasters that go upside down are really easy, so smooth you just take a deep breath and hold tight!
    I used to be scared of them, but then my son wanted to go on the big ones, and he would never ride anywhere but the front row, so I had to pluck up courage and join him. Now I love them too, but I’m still scared of heights.

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