Val was feeling a bit melon-cauli today, so we thought that we would have a little trip out to Trogir, after a recommendation from Julian Boyers ( a friend and fellow fitness instructor from the Hampshire Club !)


Trogir is a world heritage site situated on a small island about 20 miles from Split.  You reach this island via a bridge which then carries on to another slightly larger island and the resort of Okrug.


They are building a new larger bridge to the further island, away from the town, this reduction in traffic will enhance an already stunning place.


The narrow winding streets brought a welcome break from the sun.


And a lovely cool, shady place for lunch.


After lunch, a further stroll and a few more photos.


Beautiful little nooks and crannies around every corner.


Jane and Val saw this great looking building, and walking toward the melodious sound emanating from within, they found a small group of men singing their hearts out. This certainly added to the ambiance of the day .


The architecture was fantastic, the blue sky and bright sun highlighted the skill of the builders.


From shady courtyards


To sunny quayside.


After a hot day sightseeing, a drive over to the other island,


To Okrum for a cool refreshing dip !

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3 Responses to Trogir

  1. Maggie Doughty says:

    Hi Ian, Jane, Val & Kevin, We would love to visit there, it looks so beautiful! One of the pictures looks similar to one we took of you Ian & Jane in a narrow street in France many moons ago. You all look so well & happy, so glad your trip is a success. However just a little tip Ian, we are not seeing much of the scenery on your trip so a few more pics would be good. Still dreaming of our last day working! Off to Cornwall tomorrow for a week to see Dr Martin. Lots of love Kevs & Maggie xxx

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  2. Tony Payne says:

    Looks beautiful there. meanwhile, lots of wind and rain here. My lawn mower broke last weekend. Got a replacement, but will be lucky to assemble it this weekend in between showers 😦 Hope the weather stays nice out east.

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