Paleokastritsa and other places

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Tuesday 5th September P.M.

After our wild night out in Gouvia a little chill-out time was required…..


Wednesday 6th September

A fairly early start, as we were taking Bill and Owen to the airport. What a lovely sunrise this morning!


Jane had a little visitor this morning, a big grasshopper was enough to make her take a little  jump back in surprise!


An early morning swim is a great way to start the day, especially if you only have to take 5 steps from the kitchen to the lovely refreshing water.


Then breakfast with a view……


Life is not always so easy, and after a stressful morning of reading by the pool we had to drive 30mins to Paleokastritsa to sit on the beach. I first came here about 35 years ago, and to say it has changed  a lot is an understatement! My cousin Adrian recently found a postcard I had sent my Nan and Aunt at the time, and the place looked unrecognisable with all the recent developments.


However the beach was the same……


The boat hirers were still there, new jetty though!


And the sea was as warm and clear as I remembered.


Thursday 7th September

Before we left, I had booked a Ferrari for the duration of our stay on Corfu.  However the guy at the rental offices assured me that a Peugeot 108 was the better car for the roads on the island, and that it had a similar performance. He was half right, a small car is ideal for the narrow roads, although I would have loved a car that could climb a steep incline without having to change down to 1st gear!


Jane selected a short walk from the guide book, 1.5 miles was all she said it would be……….


What she had failed to notice was. it was straight down!……….


However the scenery was lovely with lots of succulent type plants …..


…. breathtaking views……..


…… and crystal clear water.


Jane was surprised at the unusual cave formations and the large cracks in the rocks!


The only problem with a long walk down, is that there is a long walk back up again. However the walk back up was not as hard as I had feared, as it seamed to be easier to get a better grip.


Afionas, the village at the top, was quaint and picturesque with lots of colourful plants in the borders.


The vantage point at the top offered great views over the many nearby small islands.


Although the donkey wasn’t that bothered, he was more interested in his lunch!


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